Cycling the UK

April 8, 2012

At the end of last year, I made a decision to leave my job at the Ecodesign Centre in Cardiff and to look out for other adventures. When I made the decision, I came to the realisation I have been living on the island for about half of my adult life. I am not sure yet where my next adventure will bring me, elsewhere in the UK or maybe somewhere totally else on this continent or planet. In any case, I would like to see, explore, experience and get to know the good sides of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). And as a keen cyclist wanting to get closer connected to the real world, I made a plan to cycle the four regions of the UK.

The big tour will go from Land’s End to John o’ Groats via Ireland. Gordon will be my companion along the way and we aim to start on Wednesday morning. I have commitments in Belgium on the 27th of May so that sets the deadline for the challenge.

My weapons of choice are a decent bicycle with trailer, decent camping gear and an iPad. I am not sure yet if the last one will bring me closer to the real world. At least it will help me to navigate and keep you updated on this blog.

I left Cardiff behind me two weeks ago for a warming up tour to Schumacher College in Devon. I left too late to get on time for my course at the college, so I cheated a little by taking the train from Bristol to Exeter. The main learning, from that was I that had too much stuff with me

It will be a cycle tour, not a race so there will be time along the way to reflect, explore, enjoy and to build on a plan for the next adventure after this challenge.

Last night in Wales

Crossing the bridge between Wales and England

Taking a bridleway as alternative for missing cyclepath leading to crossing river near Newton Abbot.

Spectators whilst cooking lunch in Devon.


4 Responses to “Cycling the UK”

  1. Cecile Says:

    Hi Merel !

    So nice to read what it is about. I am always happy to realize that you always do what you really want šŸ™‚ I will follow your challenge on this blog.

    And if your way leads you to France after May 27th, you know that you are most welcome. Favio found a new job, very close to my place. We could have a nice we again !

    Cheers, and enjoy !

  2. Favio Dominguez Says:

    Nice Merel. Very proud of you.Go ahead!

  3. […] ready to do some test riding. I explained a little bit of my test ride to Schumacher College in a previous post. At that time I was able to eliminate about 6kg of luggage that I wouldn’t need. Devon was a […]

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