If sustainability is your religion, what would you pray for?

April 28, 2010

First of all, sustainability is not a religion because it doesn’t focus on a past life of an individual, but on the future of all people to draw norms and values upon. But in both cases there are believers and non-believers. But what if sustainability would be your religion, how would it “dictate” to live your life?

  • Do you want everyone to pursue strict rules to avoid catastrophe and pray every night the end of days wouldn’t come soon?
  • Do you just want to wait for the prophet to come in the form of a magic technology, whilst keeping business as usual?
  • Do you want to fight against everyone who doesn’t totally follow your ideals?
  • Do you want to isolate yourself from the global society and go and live within an ancient tribe?
  • Do you want do live a good life so a next life can be lived better?

I don’t want to “pray for sustainability” because than you’re approaching life very passively. Buckminster Fuller once said “Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking.” But if we have to put sustainability in a religious kind of context, I would like to preach, preach there are opportunities that everyone can live a good life as long as we actively reincarnate our stuff and good moods, over and over again.


One Response to “If sustainability is your religion, what would you pray for?”

  1. inafutureage Says:

    Sustainability is not a religion, but to create sustainability in society people’s beliefs do need to change. Ultimately, the way I think about sustainability is ensuring that future generations can prosper. Sustainability would alter our habits and create closer communities. It is not a matter of isolation, but rather of building closer communities.

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